The Color in the Acrylic

Acrylic manufacturer works to ensure anyone can find a hot tub to suit their taste

While the interior components of your hot tub, like the pumps, motor and plumbing, may be the more important aspects of the tub’s function, the things you see most are the exterior cabinet and interior surface. The interior material of the majority of hot tubs on the market today is acrylic.

Plaskolite, a company that makes acrylic for many hot tub manufacturers, develops new acrylic colors on a regular basis in order to appeal to a variety of customer tastes. Under the brand name Lucite, it has colors in textured granites, smooth marbles and lustrous metallic surface effects designed to fit any environment.

Lucite recently announced two new acrylic spa siding colors to its 2020 showcase: Harbor Grey and Wispy Blue. Harbor Gray is a dark slate, reminiscent of smooth water-worn basalt lake stones. Wispy Blue combines soft faint streaks of sapphire on a field of crisp white. In years past, colors have included Yosemite Forest, Glacier Mountain and Winter Solstice. Yosemite Forest looks like a green, leafy forest; Glacier Mountain is a silvery white, swirled to look like snow; and Winter Solstice is a reflective gray.

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Whether a color stays long term or eventually gets archived depends on the progression of modern trends. Lucite works with interior designers and other industry experts to determine what stays and what gets jettisoned each year. It’s all about giving the consumer plenty of appealing options.

Lucite offers color cards — similar to paint strips at the hardware store — to help you decide. Each card includes a descriptive story for the color to help consumers understand the kind of spa experience each color can play a part in creating. Customers can even take the color cards home to get an idea of how the acrylic will fit in with their existing decor. Unlike previous chips that didn’t represent the whole design of a spa acrylic very well, the cards provide a comprehensive example of a whole cross-section so there are no surprises.

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