used hot tub

Can you trade-in a used hot tub?

Things to consider when replacing your used spa

A lot goes into the sale of a new spa: ordering the unit and accessories, coordinating delivery and making sure it all comes together.

So when a customer has an old hot tub to trade in, it can extend the process. Dealers assume that if a trade is involved, they will be responsible for picking it up and either disposing of it or refurbishing it.

However, sometimes it’s an unpolished golden nugget many companies overlook.

Used and trade-in hot tubs help dealers to discover what you – the customer – want in a hot tub, the kind of space you’ll be putting a new hot tub in and the needs a new hot tub will satisfy.

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Dealers may, however, consider a used hot tub as a liability rather than the asset you see. It’s important to prepare for the possibility that the dealer will not negotiate on the trade-in price, if the dealer accepts trade-in at all. Some dealers may charge to dispose of an old spa – with manpower, freight and disposal rates, you could be looking at a $400 to $500 bill (or more). However, if any value is found in the hot tub you’re replacing, it could take some off your new purchase price or, at the very least, result in no charges for removal.

It’s important to also note that when a dealer takes on a trade-in spa, it can cost up to $2,000 for him/her to bring it in, check functionality, make any necessary repairs (including parts) and get it cleaned up for a possible new owner. Hauling off your old spa alone requires manhours, equipment, insurance and liability costs.

Regardless of where negotiations lead, remember that you’re that much closer to a brand new hot tub. You’ve already developed an affinity for hot water therapy; that experience is about to get an upgrade.


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