Hot Tub Test Drive

Don't buy unless you try

Wet tests in the showroom give you the chance to try before you buy

Why should you consider a wet test? The most familiar analogy concerns buying a car. Would you sign on the dotted line without driving one first? Buying a spa is a big investment and deserves a test drive before your final decision.

While not every hot tub dealer will offer a wet test, those that do see the value in making sure their customers are completely happy with their hot tub purchase. Some dealers will have wet test options on the showroom floor, while others will provide private wet test rooms or afterhours appointments. Total privacy for customers is a priority to the best spa dealers, who should also offer several models to try out.

Make sure the dealer keeps the hot tub clean by asking for a water test when you arrive. This not only assures the validity of their claims for clean water, but provides you with a chance to brush up on your water testing skills. Dealers whose hot tubs have in-line sanitation systems installed — have them show you how these work and why you can rest easy that you are most certainly testing in clean water.

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Of course, you’ll need your swimsuit, but don’t be afraid to bring along anything else you expect to have on hand once your own hot tub is installed and in use. Some dealers will even use hot tub aromatherapy and turn on some music to help you relax. Low lighting with the spas LED lights on also adds to an inviting atmosphere. It’s important that you feel comfortable and can envision the same experience at home.

A typical soak allows you to experience different seating and jetting configurations, as well as seat depth and buoyancy. You should spend at least 20 minutes in the spa of choice — if you want to try several different models, you may need an extended or multiple wet-test appointments.

Bring the whole family with you for the wet test to see if the hot tub will comfortably accommodate everyone that will use it once it’s home. If your spouse and children will most often use the hot tub then they all need to be with you to make sure it’s a good fit. If you plan to host hot tub parties with your friends, bring a few of them along so they can give you honest opinions about the models you’re considering.

Sure, you can purchase a car without test driving it, but why would you? You should hold your hot tub purchase up to the same quality standards and wet test the ones you’re interested in so you can make the most informed decision.

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