From Manual to Magical

The ConvertALift transforms spa cover operations

In the realm of hot tubs, convenience and ease of use are paramount. However, one aspect that has often posed a challenge for hot tub enthusiasts is the manual operation of spa covers. Enter the ConvertALift, a revolutionary automated spa cover lifter system from Hot Tub Products, poised to transform your hot tub experience like never before.


Revolutionizing Spa Cover Technology

Hot Tub Products unveiled its latest innovation, the ConvertALift, an upgrade to its existing spa cover lifter systems. Unlike traditional manual lifters, the ConvertALift boasts remote-controlled automation, allowing users to effortlessly open and close their spa covers with the simple push of a button, right from the comfort of their homes.

According to Andy Tournas, president of Hot Tub Products, the ConvertALift addresses a longstanding issue in the industry — the cumbersome nature of spa cover operation. “I think the lifters [on the market] provide a certain amount of ease, but never to the point that the customer is actually satisfied, and we feel we’re bringing it to that level,” he says.


Advanced Technology for Enhanced Accessibility

The ConvertALift employs cutting-edge technology akin to actuators used in automotive applications and yacht engine rooms. Powered by twin electronic linear actuators, this system can effortlessly handle the weight of spa covers and opens in a mere 17 seconds, ensuring swift and hassle-free operation. The remote works up to 150 feet away, but it can also be controlled by turning a key on the spa side control.

Moreover, the ConvertALift bridges the gap between standard cover lifters and high-end automated systems, making advanced technology accessible to a wider range of hot tub users. Rolf Zimmerman, vice president of sales at Best in Backyards in Carmel, New York, attests to its versatility. “If someone loves the high-end one but doesn’t want to go through the expense of getting it, we can offer them the ConvertALift at a [lower price point] and still get them a great product with an automated lifter,” he says.


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Ease of Installation and Versatility

What sets the ConvertALift apart is its ease of installation and adaptability. Compatible with existing lifters, such as the SpaEase Model 200 Cover Lifter and the VacuSeal Cover & Lift system, this conversion system ensures a seamless transition to automated operation without the need for extensive modifications. The adaptability of the product makes it available to those who already have lifters or may want to add them in the future.

The average installation of the ConvertALift takes about 90 minutes, Tournas says, adding that part replacements are simple. “What we’ve designed is for someone who doesn’t have much technical experience,” he says. “Every component part — whether it’s the key switch, actuator, control box or power supply — is attached by a cable that has an easily detachable IP66 weatherproof connection cable. So if someone needed to remove an actuator and replace it with a new actuator, it would take literally five minutes to do it.”


Safety and Simplicity

Safety is paramount, especially for families with children or vacation homeowners. The ConvertALift incorporates safety features such as locking actuators and a secure closure mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to the hot tub. Once locked, the cover provides an added layer of protection, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Tournas says the simplicity of the remoted-controlled ConvertALift makes it special. “It’s not something that has so many moving parts that you’re going to see problems in the field,” he says. “We’ve tried to keep it very simplistic in making sure it works well. And someone doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to actually make their spa a usable [product].”


Embrace the Future of Hot Tub Technology

As the hot tub industry continues to evolve, innovations like the ConvertALift are revolutionizing the way we enjoy our spa experiences. With its user-friendly operation, advanced technology, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the ConvertALift sets a new standard for spa cover lifters. Elevate your hot tub experience today with the ConvertALift and discover the convenience and luxury it brings to your backyard oasis.

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