Enhance Your Hot Tub Privacy and Style

Innovative solutions beyond fences and plants

When it comes to enjoying your hot tub, privacy and design go hand in hand. While traditional privacy options like fences and plants remain popular, a world of innovative alternatives has emerged, offering unique aesthetics and practicality. From easy-to-install privacy screens to customized outdoor shelters, here’s a comprehensive guide to elevating your hot tub experience.

Screenzy: Quick, Easy and Customizable

Screenzy stands out as a hassle-free privacy solution. Founded by Tim Sparks during the pandemic, Screenzy’s user-friendly privacy screen takes a mere 30 seconds to install. Its adjustable poles with suction cups effortlessly attach to the hot tub, offering a swift, tool-free setup. Made from high-density polyester, the Screenzy fabric offers 95% visibility blockage while maintaining essential airflow.

What sets Screenzy apart is its ease of removal. Unlike permanent landscaping or shades, Screenzy allows users to effortlessly remove it whenever needed, offering flexibility and convenience.

Available in 15 designs and various sizes at Myscreenzy.com, Screenzy caters to diverse preferences, including themes of nature, meditation and more.

ShelterLogic: Stylish Protection from the Elements

For those seeking a more comprehensive solution, outdoor shelters like gazebos or pergolas offer added comfort and protection. Jennifer Carter, director of corporate marketing strategies for ShelterLogic Group Inc., emphasizes that while these shelters may require more investment initially, they prove cost-effective in the long run. 

“Many gazebos are made with weather-resistant materials that will keep you dry and comfortable even in the middle of a storm, along with providing shade on hot days, so you can stay cool while enjoying your hot tub,” Carter says. “Additionally, if you live in an area with cold winters, a gazebo can also provide a place to put your hot tub when it’s not in use, so it will be protected from the snow and ice.”

While being able to protect one’s privacy while also protecting one’s investment from the elements may sound persuasive, Carter acknowledges these kinds of shelters typically don’t come ready-made out of the box.

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Still, she says, installation of a hot tub gazebo can be accomplished without hiring a professional by anyone who is handy with tools and has some carpentry experience.

“When installing your shelter, make sure the structure is level and plumb, and the foundation of the shelter is securely anchored to the ground,” Carter says. “Gazebos and shelters should be built on a wood or composite deck or a concrete or stone patio.” If all that sounds too complicated, she adds, don’t be too proud to use hired help.

ShelterLogic, a manufacturer of outdoor shelters, offers brands like SOJAG, Arrow Storage Products and Quik Shade, presenting a range of durable, weather-ready options.

Custom Solutions

If tailor-made solutions are your preference, stores like All About Spas and Leisure Living offer custom-built patio covers. Debi Skains, the company’s president, explains their process of crafting covers tailored to fit your space. These covers not only add privacy but also block wind, creating a serene environment for hot tub enjoyment.

The store offers brands like Solara and Cardinal Architectural, featuring adjustable louvers that offer flexibility between openness and privacy. These covers can even be employed vertically as a privacy wall, catering to diverse needs.

Additionally, All About Spas and Leisure Living provides screens designed to regulate sun exposure and wind flow, ideal for golf course residences seeking privacy and protection from stray golf balls.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Beyond the conventional choices of privacy fencing and landscaping, innovative solutions like Screenzy, outdoor shelters and custom-built covers redefine hot tub privacy and aesthetics. Whether you seek simplicity, durability or tailored designs, these options offer a blend of practicality and style, transforming your hot tub experience into a private oasis tailored to your preferences.

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