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The Rise of Swim Spas

A versatile backyard oasis

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in swim spas, a versatile vessel offering relaxation, fitness and entertainment. This trend only accelerated during the pandemic, as people sought ways to enhance their home experiences. Across the U.S. and Canada, swim spa sales skyrocketed, with hot tub industry experts predicting continued growth in the coming years.

Pool Alternative and Cost Savings

As the cost of building traditional pools continues to soar, swim spas emerge as a cost-effective alternative. Brian Johnston, a hot tub expert at Atlanta Hot Tub Center, points out that while the price of pool construction has doubled in recent years, swim spas offer a more affordable option, starting at around $25,000. This affordability, coupled with the convenience of installation and maintenance, makes swim spas an attractive choice for homeowners.

In Canada, the price for a new pool build is even higher: “We can’t get a pool into a backyard for less than $100,000,” says Jennifer Gannon of Toronto-based BonaVista Leisurescapes. While the aesthetic of a swim spa no doubt is different, Gannon says, if someone is looking for water quickly, high function and low maintenance costs regularly move shoppers toward swim spas.

When contrasting the investment between swim spas and pools, production speed matters, according to Steve O’Shea, vice president of sales and marketing at manufacturer MAAX Spas. “We can start and finish [installation of a swim spa] in one day,” he says, “whereas a pool build won’t be done for two months [once its begun].”

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Moreover, swim spas provide the flexibility of year-round use, lower heating costs and the ability to function as both a swimming pool and a hot tub. With consumers increasingly prioritizing functionality and convenience, swim spas offer the perfect solution for those seeking a versatile backyard retreat.

Predictions for the Future 

Looking ahead, industry experts remain optimistic about the future of swim spas. O’Shea predicts continued growth in demand, with MAAX Spas ramping up production to meet consumer needs. Similarly, Frank Firman, director of sales and marketing for aquatic fitness at Watkins Manufacturing, anticipates sustained interest in swim spas, driven by their popularity and versatility.

Swim spas have emerged as a hot trend in backyard luxury, offering a perfect blend of relaxation, fitness and entertainment. The future looks bright for this burgeoning industry, as consumers continue to prioritize comfort and convenience in their homes. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing soak or a full-body workout, a swim spa provides the ultimate backyard oasis for all seasons.

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