Let There Be Light

Make your backyard the shining jewel of the neighborhood

Homeowners should never underestimate the power of light. Not only is a well-lit home and yard a safer and friendlier place, but different lighting techniques can make small rooms seem spacious, cavernous rooms cozy, dull days dazzling and blasé evenings beautiful.

Whether using lighting to call attention to your can’t-live-without-it spa, camouflaging a renovation scene or setting the stage for a romantic evening alfresco, a well-planned lighting concept is essential.

Thanks to the recent trend in outdoor design and décor extending the living room beyond the home’s enclosed walls, outdoor illumination options have grown exponentially. There is a world of choices located in your local hardware or spa retailer’s store, including hardy all-weather lamps, stylish wrought-iron lampposts, flagstone steps with inset LED bulbs, traditional candles, wall-mounted floodlights and full-color spectrum spa lights.

Since every spa owner needs to be conscious of safety, lights should not be regarded as luxury extras, but rather as essentials to maintain an accident-free zone. But what else can a homeowner achieve by installing quality lighting in their backyard? Lights can enhance the nighttime experience by mood-setting, adding visual excitement to spa-side parties or gatherings, and, as a result, help homeowners enjoy their spa more hours per day and more nights per year.

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A lighting scheme in the backyard also invokes the power of luminaries to create just about any desired ambiance. For example, candlelight tends to shimmer and flicker, casting moving shadows on the space around it, creating a tantalizing glow. When you introduce an unexpected light into an ordinary space, you can create an entirely new experience. Another example can be found in the novelty of a LED light with shifting colors, which will have you repeatedly rediscovering the backyard paradise you dreamed of and worked so hard to create

The backyard lighting industry is bustling and booming with a huge variety of new products designed to enhance the usability and aesthetics of your yard. The most recent addition to the industry is the introduction of lighting panels located on the exterior spa cabinet. These lights not only set the hot tub off with a beautiful glow, but also help people safely enter and exit the spa during nighttime soaks.

So, as you design your backyard oasis, don’t forget the lighting element, which can be a critical part to creating the ambiance you seek, especially if you’re looking to spend many evenings enjoying the retreat that’s just steps from your door.

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