The Spa Dragon

Wintertime Peace of Mind

The Spa Dragon helps protect spas from costly freeze damage

As temperatures drop, the risk of spa freeze damage becomes a concern for hot tub owners. However, there’s a revolutionary solution that offers both monitoring and thermal backup protection — The Spa Dragon. Let’s delve into how this innovative system can protect your hot tub from costly repairs and provide you with peace of mind.

Believers in action: A success story

Jordan McCrimmon, owner of SweetWater Pool and Spa in Kelowna, British Columbia, is already a believer in The Spa Dragon. Having sold several since its release in August 2023, McCrimmon shared a success story that highlights the product’s effectiveness. A customer’s spa broke while they were on vacation, posing a risk of freezing pipes and damage to components. The Spa Dragon kicked into action, heating the spa cabinet to prevent freezing and immediately alerting both McCrimmon and the homeowner. This proactive approach allowed McCrimmon to schedule a maintenance call before the customer even had a chance to contact him, showcasing the time-saving and peace-of-mind benefits of The Spa Dragon.

Understanding The Spa Dragon: What sets it apart?

The Spa Dragon is a versatile device that can be placed inside any spa, monitoring the temperature of the water, spa cabinet and outside air. If the water or cabinet temperatures drop below the level set by the owner, it activates a heating unit that keeps the cabinet and all the electrical and plumbing equipment from freezing. It then notifies the homeowner and up to four other people that there is a problem. 

“The primary goal of this device is the notification end of it,” says York Sikora, director of The Spa Dragon, the company behind the product. “We’re keeping the cavity warm, which is where all your plumbing components are. We’re keeping the wolves at bay until you can get the tub up and running again.”

Installation and operation: How does it work?

The installation of The Spa Dragon is straightforward. It is placed inside the cabinet, mounted on a post or tied directly on top of the pipes. A temperature probe, insulated with foam and tied to one of the pipes, provides an accurate water temperature reading without interference from ambient air. The device operates from its own electrical cord with a built-in GFCI outlet, allowing homeowners to plug it into a separate breaker system from the spa. Even if the spa breaker trips, The Spa Dragon continues running. Sikora recommends plugging it into an outlet protected by a backup generator for uninterrupted operation during power outages.

An indicator light on the outside of the spa provides visual cues to the stability of the hot tub. A green light signals operational status, while a flashing red light indicates that attention is needed.

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Peace of mind and cost savings: The Spa Dragon advantage

Freeze damage can result from various issues, such as a short in the heating element, a malfunctioning computer system, low water levels or a tripped breaker. The Spa Dragon’s continuous monitoring and immediate alert system can potentially save thousands of dollars in repairs. The device is especially beneficial for hot tub owners who are away for extended periods, eliminating the need to rely on neighbors, friends or family to check on the spa.

Moreover, The Spa Dragon can save money on service calls. Instead of making expensive after-hours trips, spa technicians can schedule regular maintenance visits confidently, knowing that The Spa Dragon is safeguarding the equipment from freeze damage. This feature is particularly useful for owners of vacation homes or Airbnb properties, who may not be near their spas regularly.

The Spa Dragon offers unparalleled protection against freeze damage, real-time monitoring and cost savings on repairs. You can invest in the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hot tub is safeguarded by The Spa Dragon.


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