Is a Roto-Tub Right for You?

Save some money with a polyethylene hot tub

Similar to refrigerators, dishwashers and cars, hot tubs come in a wide variety of makes, models and price points. For some, only the most jets and seating options will suffice, while for others, a mid-range spa with a few ‘goodies’ will do the trick quite nicely. Still other happy hot-tubbers just want a basic, sturdy dependable model that inexpensively gets them from ‘point A to point B,’ thank you very much.

Rotational Molding to the Rescue

If you’re in the latter category, listen up. Not as well known as their acrylic siblings, hot tubs made via a process known as ‘rotational molding’ (or rotomolding) are becoming more popular with the price-conscious shopper. Rotomold spas are lightweight, inexpensive and virtually indestructible.

Rotomolding has been around for decades and is still used extensively to make items such as playground slides, trash cans, bins and car bumpers – and, for the last several years, hot tubs. Since the manufacturing of a rotationally molded hot tub is automated, industry experts say that this process allows them to create spas that cost less and are more durable since the shell, skirt and structure are all molded at one time and in one singular piece.

Benefits for the Consumer

While an economical price is certainly the most obvious positive feature of a rotomold spa, it’s not the only benefit to the consumer.

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Bruce Rothschild owns Your Backyard Superstore in Melbourne, Florida. “Here in Florida, we have a lot of mosquitoes that are bigger than the average Ford F150, so about 95% of our spas are installed inside screened-in rooms,” Rothschild says. “Rotomold spas are plug-and-play and very easy to install inside a home.”

 It’s All About Choices

Many acrylic spa dealers carry more than one brand of hot tubs, and more are including rotomold spas in their entry-level inventory, thus giving consumers a wider variety of products and price points from which to choose.

The bottom line?

More choices equals more opportunities for more people to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub – and that’s good for everybody.

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