Aqua Swivel Seat

Discover the Innovative Aqua Swivel Seat for Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have a unique way of blending relaxation, health benefits and quality time with loved ones. But what if there was an accessory that could enhance the hot tub experience even further, especially for those with mobility issues? Introducing the aqua swivel seat, a revolutionary invention born from a remarkable story of love, innovation and healing.


Tom and Donna Kelsey: A Tale of Resilience and Innovation

Tom and Donna Kelsey’s journey with hot tubs took an unexpected turn that would eventually lead to groundbreaking innovation. Tom, a dedicated truck driver with over 40 years of experience, shared his life with Donna, who assisted with the paperwork of their small trucking company. Their lives changed forever in 2013 when Donna’s foot was tragically severed in a semi-truck accident. Thanks to skilled doctors, her foot was reattached, but the incident marked a turning point in their lives.

The accident ignited Tom’s compassion and creativity, driven by his desire to enhance Donna’s quality of life. As proud owners of a hot tub, Tom was determined to find a way for Donna to safely enjoy the soothing waters without the risk of further damaging her foot. His dedication resulted in the creation of the aqua swivel seat, a brilliant attachment that eliminated the need to climb over the hot tub’s edge. This adjustable seat, capable of 360-degree rotation, not only became a solution for Donna’s aqua therapy but also evolved into a product designed to assist seniors, veterans and athletes in their recovery journeys.

 “I never imagined something so helpful could have come out of something so terrible,” Donna says. “But thanks to God and Tom, we have a product that will help a lot of people recover through aqua therapy.”


The Aqua Swivel Seat: Elevating the Hot Tub Experience

Goodall Pools & Spas, located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, recognized the potential of the aqua swivel seat even before its official launch. This innovative seat boasts a remarkable 400-pound capacity and features an adjustable side clamp for secure attachment. The seat’s design includes aluminum legs that extend to the floor outside the tub, ensuring stability, while another set of legs rest inside the spa, providing a comfortable seating experience.

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Katelyn Zook, marketing and product manager at Goodall Pools & Spas, says, “Within the past couple of years, we realized that there was a need for a product like this within our company. We had some new or existing customers express concern over getting into their hot tub with standard spa steps and railings.”


A Journey of Partnership and Transformation

The road to bringing the aqua swivel seat to market was not without challenges. Tom and Donna faced the task of finding a manufacturer and partners who believed in their vision. After reaching out to multiple companies, they formed a manufacturing agreement with Butler Mobility Products in February 2020. Butler Mobility Products, with over 60 years of experience in creating accessibility products, was the perfect match to help realize the Kelseys’ innovation.

Partnerships with establishments like Spa Kingdom in Fruitland Park, Florida, and Texas Leisure Pools and Spas in Hurst, Texas, further cemented the aqua swivel seat’s path to success. Leven Pendergrass, owner of Texas Leisure, resonated with the Kelseys’ family-centered approach. “We are a family-centered business, and we like to support other businesses that are the same,” he says. “The fact that this was invented by family, for family sealed the deal.”


Aqua Therapy and Healing

Tom’s prototype of the aqua swivel seat played a crucial role in Donna’s aqua therapy, accelerating her recovery process. Donna found relief and relaxation in the hot tub, reducing her reliance on prescription drugs. Her remarkable progress even allowed Tom to continue his truck driving endeavors. Reflecting on their journey, Tom shares, “Donna and I never imagined she would walk again, let alone have such a product that will help so many others. It’s exhilarating just knowing all the hard work is finally going to make a difference.”

The aqua swivel seat is not just an accessory; it’s a testament to resilience, love and innovation. Designed to enhance the hot tub experience for all, this remarkable invention is set to transform lives and offer healing through aqua therapy. Whether you’re a senior seeking comfort, a veteran on the road to recovery, or an athlete aiming for rejuvenation, the aqua swivel seat welcomes you to a world of improved well-being and relaxation.

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