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Dive into Wellness with Michael Phelps and Master Spas

Master Spas is leading the way in the popularity of cold-water therapy with its line of Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT cold tubs. This innovative collaboration between Master Spas and legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps brings you the ultimate cold-water therapy experience, designed to cater to everyone from professional athletes to wellness enthusiasts.


Michael Phelps’ Influence

Michael Phelps, a name synonymous with swimming excellence, has used various cold tubs throughout his career. However, he faced challenges related to their size and shape. “It was important to me that we design a tub that allows for full submersion to help maximize the benefits of cold-water therapy,” Phelps says. “I don’t know if I could have drawn up a more ideal tub.”

Phelps, with his unparalleled success of 28 Olympic medals, 23 of them gold, has maintained a long-standing partnership with Master Spas since 2010. His ability to consistently break records and set new standards in swimming aligns with Master Spas’ mission. “With the cold tub, Master Spas wanted to set a new standard and push the industry forward,” says Susan Rekeweg, marketing manager at Master Spas. “Cold water tubs are a natural progression in Master Spas’ mission to ‘help people live better.’ ”


Chilly GOAT Features

The Chilly GOAT cold tub offers a customizable experience with temperatures ranging from 40 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Studies show that the health benefits of cold-water therapy start at 60 degrees or below. For those new to cold-water therapy, it’s advisable to start with warmer temperatures and gradually work your way down.

To provide a luxurious and comfortable experience, Chilly GOAT cold tubs feature ergonomic seating and an all-weather cabinet with full-foam insulation, making them suitable for year-round outdoor use in any climate. The inclusion of a circulation pump, filter and UV light ensures the water remains sanitary, while the dual flow jets circulate the water to maintain its cold temperature.

“When you are in cold water, your body loses heat to the external environment,” Rekeweg explains. “As such, your body will actually warm up the water around you and create a thermal barrier. The Chilly GOAT has two dual flow jets that gently move the water around you, maximizing the benefits of cold-water therapy.”


Cold-Water Therapy Benefits

The advantages of cold-water therapy are vast and include:

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  • Reduced Muscle Soreness: Cold-water therapy can help alleviate muscle soreness, making it a favorite among athletes for post-workout recovery.
  • Inflammation and Swelling Reduction: Cold water helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the body, providing relief from various conditions.
  • Improved Circulation: Immersion in cold water promotes better blood circulation, leading to increased vitality.
  • Stress Reduction: Cold-water therapy can have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Increased Mobility: It can enhance joint mobility and overall physical well-being.


“While athletes are commonly associated with cold-water immersion, we think the market goes beyond recovery and performance,” Rekeweg says. “As more people prioritize their well-being, they are looking for different ways to relieve stress and promote relaxation.”


The Convenience of At-Home Cold Tubs

As the popularity of cold-water therapy grows, more people are seeking the convenience of having cold tubs in their private residences. The Chilly GOAT cold tubs provide an excellent alternative to DIY ice baths, which can be inconvenient and challenging to control the temperature and timing.

“An at-home cold tub makes it easier to incorporate the practice into daily life,” Rekeweg says. “The homeowner can set the water temperature and feel more at ease since they are at home. In addition, the cold tub can be used by more than one person in the household.

Suntek Pools & Spas in Long Island, New York, has introduced the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT line in response to high customer demand for cold tub options. Dylan Lucia, co-owner and sales manager at Suntek, highlights one of the line’s standout features: it’s self-contained, meaning the chiller and plumbing are all in one unit. Having used the Chilly GOAT cold tub at his own home, Lucia describes the experience as empowering, stating, “The feeling afterward is hard to describe, but the best way I can put it is that you feel powerful.”


If you’re looking to enhance your overall well-being, recover after a strenuous workout or simply unwind in style, the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT cold tubs from Master Spas offer an unparalleled solution.

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