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The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Take your grilling up a notch

Outdoor cooking islands are a growing housing trend, and their popularity is increasing faster since the world is spending more time at home. Homeowners have been creating outdoor living spaces fitted with all the conveniences of those found indoors, including all-weather televisions, free-standing fireplaces, rugs, furniture and kitchen appliances calibrated to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

It’s easy to see why the American family seeks to create an outdoor retreat in their own backyard. As a working culture, many of us spend the majority of our waking hours indoors under fluorescent lighting in front of computer screens, and when we return home our first priority is relaxation. An outdoor cooking island gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the soothing elements that the backyard has to offer (such as your hot tub) as you spend time with your family creating a delicious home-cooked meal.

Some families opt for large barbeques or smokers with lots of extra options. Others want to go the extra mile and throw in sinks and dishwashers, cabinets and counters, stovetops and refrigerators so no one has to duck back into the house for anything until the last tasty bite has been devoured. It really is whatever your imagination can behold, even an extra warmer drawer to keep towels in for when you exit the hot tub on a cool evening.

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Consider brick ovens for homemade pizza, a separate sink for raw meat and one for vegetables. If you can find someone to design it, and your budget will allow it, you can have your dream kitchen right next to your spa. Or, you may choose to go with something simple just because you love the flavor a grill provides.

As you plan, gather all the cooks in the house and be honest with each other. How often can you realistically expect to cook entire meals outdoors? If the answer is “frequently,” then you might want a company to help you design an elaborate, fully fitted permanent outdoor kitchen. Make a list of the features you want, take note of your budget, and then work with the professionals to draw up a plan.

If you’re headed to a showroom to start browsing, be equipped with plenty of questions and a clear understanding of what you want. Don’t comprise! You’ll be cooking for the whole neighborhood in no time!

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