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Experience the Ultimate Family-Friendly Swim Spa with Endless Pools’ R220

Looking for a swim spa that’s not just about exercise but also designed for fantastic family time and entertaining friends? Endless Pools introduces the RecSport Recreation Systems R220, a 12-foot swim spa tailored for playfulness and gatherings.


Designed for Fun and Family Bonding

The R220 is a standout in the Endless Pools lineup, crafted explicitly for creating a party atmosphere without compromising on the spa’s recreational aspects. After reviewing surveys, listening to customer feedback and collaborating with dealers, the Endless Pools team knew they had to create a model that could be billed as a “party tub.” 

Designed around hosting family gatherings, the R220 seats nine and includes two long side benches and five molded seats along with 31 hydromassage jets and three round swim jets. Its baseline MSRP is $24,999, and like Endless Pools’ other products, accessories can also be added, including a Bluetooth-enabled sound system, exterior LED lighting, a four-tier step and more. 

It’s an aquatic playground for all ages.

Frank Firman, vice president of specialty retail at Endless Pools, highlights, “It’s designed around the idea of being a party tub. You get in and have a good time with friends and family, but you’re not necessarily focused on exercise.”


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Innovating for the Future

Endless Pools, under Watkins Wellness, aims to keep customers engaged even as life returns to normal post-pandemic. The R220 emerged from a need to infuse excitement and versatility into swim spas, addressing the evolving demands of customers.

“At Watkins and Endless Pools, we are always focusing on innovation,” says Aimee Soto, senior marketing manager at Endless Pools. “We looked at ‘How are we going to innovate for the future; what’s the next big thing?’ We now have a product for every customer along the spectrum.”

The release of the R220 in July 2023 marked a strategic move to cater to the rising demand for swim spas.


Anticipated Reception and Ongoing Innovation

Endless Pools’ R220 isn’t just a swim spa; it’s a platform for bonding, relaxation and recreation. Initial sales have surpassed expectations, signaling a strong reception for the R220. Endless Pools envisions a continued commitment to innovation, particularly in advancing swim-in-place technology and enhancing aquatic fitness.

“Our goal is to provide the best product in aquatic fitness,” Firman says. “We’re going to push the boundaries and innovate in this space.”

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