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Portable hot tubs bring countless benefits to the lives of their owners on a number of levels, offering effective relief of physical, mental and emotional stress with each use. Making such a healthy and enjoyable device part of one’s day is a giant leap toward a more productive and relaxed life. Which means you also want to find a hot tub dealer that you can rely on for the long haul.

Communication with you as a potential customer is vital right from the start. A reputable retailer will be honest and up-front with you in response to all your questions — not just about their products, but also about the company’s history. You’ll want to bring a list of questions so you can walk away from the dealership knowing how long they have been in business, what awards they or the manufacturer have earned in that time, how many installations they typically oversee a year and approximately how often their spas tend to require after-sales service.

After you’ve received this information from a handful of dealers, you should be able to make an informed decision about which company deserves your business and will best serve you in the long run. Communication is a two-way street, and a reliable dealer will recognize that by maintaining an open, honest and straight-forward approach that invites questions and dialogue.

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Also, reputable businesses want your feedback. Sales staff who regularly solicit your opinion about the company’s service through surveys and comment cards are demonstrating a vested interest not only in getting and keeping your business, but in maintaining a high level of performance for the company as a whole.

The confirmation that you have found a salesperson and a company that will support you in the long term is demonstrated in the ability of a sales staff not just to speak intelligently about all the features of your hot tub, but also to listen attentively and patiently to your concerns, comments, questions and criticisms at every point in your relationship.

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