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Products to remove a swim spa cover

People buy a swim spa to get the benefits of low-impact exercise and relaxation all in one package. They don’t, however, anticipate a full workout before even entering the spa.

“The biggest hassle in swim spa ownership is removing the cover,” says Jeff Bailey, owner of Spring Dance Hot Tubs in the Philadelphia area. “This is harder than a hot tub because there are several more pieces to the cover and the swim spa usually sits higher, making it more awkward to remove.”

But there are many options to make your swim spa cover removal a cinch — ranging from lifters to full-fledged automated covers.

Smartop Swim Spa

Manufacturer: Smartop (a division of Leisure Concepts)

The integrated cover lift system with exclusive EAS Lift and Assist component enables easy opening and closing using a series of hydraulic shocks that assist with the lifting process. The unique overlap seal between the two covers creates a tight seal that keeps the heat in while keeping dirt and debris out. Smartop Swim Spa can be ordered in either the Upright model, Vanish XL or a combination of the two.

“With all hot tub covers, the first half is challenging to remove,” says Mike Genova, president and CEO of Leisure Concepts in Spokane, Washington. “As the swim spa cover opens, the user loses critical leverage points due to the added height of the swim spa, making it more difficult to handle the front half of the cover. The EAS system solves this all too common problem.”


Manufacturer: Hot Tub Products

The VacuSeal Lifter attaches to both swim spa covers on all sides with a patented clamping system. It is also attached on all four exterior corners with its patented sliding bracket. Instead of having to fold the cover over in order to begin removing it, the user just pushes up on the VacuSeal handle, which causes the cover to lift and slide back into place. Pulling down on the handle causes it to slide back on top of the swim spa. The cover won’t shift when it opens or closes, so it doesn’t have to be moved around once its closed to get a proper seal. VacuSeal has even developed a model that will work on swim spas up to 21 feet long.

“It takes four seconds to open up each side, if that,” says Andy Tournas, president at Hot Tub Products.

The VacuSeal is also available for hot tubs as well. Tournas son, who is a skin cancer surgeon, gives high marks to the VacuSeal, since it can be turned into a canopy protecting people from the sun. “He thinks it’s the only thing I’ve invented that makes any sense,” Tournas says. “But most people are using the canopy for privacy purposes.”


Manufacturer: Covana

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The Covana Legend is an automated cover/gazebo environment system. Four posts that are hooked together through two different motors lift the cover, which is available for 12 to 20 foot swim spas. Owners simply turn a key in the control panel (which can be up to 30 feet from the spa) and the cover raises on its own to whatever height is desired. While traditional covers require replacement every few years, Covana gazebo covers were designed to last the lifetime of the swim spa, providing a more luxurious cover option for homeowners.

Kelly King, co-owner and president of Mountain Hot Tub in southwest Montana, a Covana dealer, can’t think of any comparable competition for the Legend cover. “There are other cover options and other gazebo options, but I don’t know of anything that looks like a Covana or offers the benefits. I mean, you can open and shut the cover with the twist of a key.”

Cover Caddy with swim spa conversion kit

Manufacturer: Cover Valet
Long Beach, California

Consumers can use the Cover Caddy from inside or outside the swim spa. While outside the swim spa, it works by pulling the U-arms towards you, which promotes the gas shock to fully extend and hold the Caddy in the open position. Then the user folds open the first half of the swim spa cover and pushes the cover into the Cover Caddy, applying a small amount of downward pressure so the Caddy drops the cover into the storage position.

“The Cover Caddy offers the ease and convenience of a cover lifter, as well as the aesthetic appeal of not seeing the spa cover,” says Matt McMillan, director of sales and marketing for Cover Valet. “Multiple mounting options — under-mount and cabinet-mount — allow the spa dealer to determine what is best for a particular application.”


Manufacturer: End2End Swim Spa Covers
Reno, Nevada

The single user appreciates how quickly they gain access to the swim spa with the easy roll frame design. No more dragging and lifting heavy bi-fold style hot tub covers or being locked out completely because the foam cover is waterlogged. The End2End Cover has a lockable safety cover meeting the ASTM F1346-91 requirement, and has a CEC compliant energy efficiency rating, tested and approved for 2020 and beyond.

The Premium E2E one-piece cover system comes with an industry leading and unmatched five-year warranty. Its counterpart the E2E Sport Cover, is a lightweight version available for any budget, region, or application. End2End Swim Spa Covers are proudly made in Reno, Nevada.

“This family operated company with years of consistency, and more than ten thousand covers performing in the field, takes pride in their craftsmanship,” says Randy Annis, general manager for End2End. “[E2E uses] the highest quality material, with more density than your standard hot tub cover.”


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