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Finding the perfect firepit

A firepit is an awesome addition to your backyard design, especially if you love to enjoy the cool breeze of a spring evening or the crisp fall air in the getaway just steps from your door. But you’re probably looking for more than just a firepit. You want something that is a place for conversation, relaxation, reminiscing and, above all, the ambiance and comfort a burning fire creates.

Since ancient times, fire has symbolized all this and more. Whether it’s a family gathered around a backyard firepit roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories, a romantic bonfire on the beach, a campfire cookout or an ancient circle of stones, fire has long provided a place for people to gather, connect and often to enjoy a shared meal. With busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to find the time and just the right location for striking up whole-family conversations, but adding a firepit will open up the backyard as a place to unwind and share time together.

Wood burning firepits appeal to many, but some may want something with less hassle and smoke, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, many companies have utilized advances in technology to do away with the unpleasant side effects of wood-burning fires (ash, smoke pollution, lingering smell, risk of fire-spread) by making use of clean-burning natural gas, which provides the same sense of warmth and intimacy, while eliminating the hassles of wood.

Through the use of natural lava rocks, ceramic logs or even glass, these modernized firepits produce zero ash, smoke, odor or mess that one would normally encounter with traditional wood-burning firepits. These products are in line with the growing number of environmental restrictions regarding burn bans and smoke laws.

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From an ambiance-enhancing element during an outdoor party to the socializing centerpiece for an evening with friends and loved ones, a firepit will ensure that homeowners continue to get the most use out of their backyards even after the weather turns chilly. Additionally, most firepit models can be customized to either match or complement the exterior of the home, using material along the exterior of the pit such as stone, modern chrome or natural wood. Firepits work exceptionally well in yards with other relaxation-inspired elements — a la a portable spa — by adding the warm aura of the firepit’s glow.

As you plan for the addition of a firepit to your backyard design, consider where you want it to be. In view of the spa or pool? Tucked away in an enclave all its own? Once you have that figured out, decide on a style. A wide variety of exteriors are available to you including stone, stucco, brick, flagstone, slate, tile and even wood. The last step to a successful installation is to surround your new backyard feature with comfortable seating, then sit back and savor the ‘good life’ in your own little private paradise.

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