Open Your Hot Tub with the Press of a Button

ConvertaLift from Hot Tub Products

Years of consumers requesting an automatic spa cover initiated development of the new Hot Tubs Products’ ConvertaLift system, says Andy Tournas, president of the Wallingford, Connecticut-based spa accessories manufacturer.

“There are many excellent traditional cover lifters that assist hot tub users, but they still require the user to initially fold the cover in half,” Tournas explains. “With our industry focusing more on wellness and our demographic expanding further into older customers, an affordable automated cover that eliminates any lifting effort will prove to help increase spa sales.”

The ConvertaLift system gives users the power to remove the cover from their hot tub with the touch of a button. This can be done from up to 100 feet away. It’s designed to work with Hot Tub Products’ traditional SpaEase 200 hot tub cover and the manufacturer’s newer VacuSeal Cover and Lift System.

The ConvertaLift took a few years to develop.

“First and foremost was patenting a cover that opened and closed in one motion,” Tournas says. “Next was designing a lifter that would operate this cover with traditional pneumatic shocks.”

The ConvertaLift was designed and recently patented to motorize the unique VacuSeal System with the use of electric linear actuators, allowing this push-button functionality, Tournas says.

While the convenience of one-touch operation certainly simplifies the hot tub user experience, the ConvertaLift incorporates some other important features. Safety, for one, was a top priority for Hot Tub Products when developing the system. When the cover is in the open position, it holds firmly in place — no locking required — and shields users against wind and other elements. When the cover is down, it locks in place automatically, preventing children from accidentally falling in and uninvited users from gaining access.

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The product creates a complete seal once the cover is in the closed position, which leads to minimal heat loss and thus operational cost savings.

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