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Tips for shopping hot tubs at special events

Shopping for a new spa is a lot like looking for a new car — there are as many makes and models as there are price ranges, features and options. There are also a variety of places to purchase a spa — you’re not just limited to going to a retail store … or two or three.

One great way to check out numerous spas  in one day is to watch your local listings for who’s setting up shop at any of your area’s upcoming home and garden shows, grand openings and/or state and county fairs. While usually limited to just one or two dealers, you should also keep your eye out for that good ole’ classic parking lot tent sale.

As you shop home shoes and tent sales, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Inquire about the length of the relationship between the manufacturer and the dealer — the longer the better. Find out who would work on your spa if you filled a warranty claim — a well-trained service technician is going to be the best option. And to avoid surprise charges later, as you’re shopping, make sure you understand exactly what is and is not included in the quoted price, such as delivery and a cover.

Many retailers will offer weekend tent sales on a regular basis (maybe even monthly) to not only generate more foot traffic to their showroom, but to give their customers the opportunity to obtain a great price. Home shows are a wonderful way for dealers to bring hot tubs to you. Rather than having to visit multiple stores to find the spa you want, at a home show you’ll find several dealers representing multiple hot tub manufacturers, so you can more effectively make a decision in a shorter amount of time.

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Do your research ahead of time and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. Be advised, some dealers make a career out of traveling all over the country just to sell at events. If you buy from one of them and then need service for your hot tub or have after sale questions, it’s likely they can’t help you. It’s better to buy from a spa dealer with a showroom in your local community for ongoing, quality customer service.

Also, be careful not to get caught up in the hype of the event and buy your hot tub on price alone, as this can have some negative ramifications long-term. A hot tub is a significant investment, regardless of where you buy it, so be sure to take your time and shop smart.

Disclaimer: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please remember to adhere to local mandates for masks and social distancing.

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