How Spa Dealers are Elevating Backyard Bliss with Grills

If you’re someone who appreciates quality time outdoors, whether it’s soaking in a luxurious spa or firing up the grill for a mouthwatering barbecue feast, you’re not alone. The worlds of relaxation and outdoor enjoyment are merging, with spa dealers venturing into the realm of grills to provide a comprehensive backyard experience. 


The Big Green Egg Connection

David Townley, the visionary behind Townley Pool and Spa in Little Rock, Arkansas, understands the power of synergy between exceptional products. His store exclusively stocks Big Green Egg grills, renowned for their iconic status in the grilling world. Townley emphasizes, “The Egg is such a brand that it wins the ‘zero moment of truth’ before the customer even walks in the store.” This renowned grill brand has become synonymous with quality, attracting a devoted following known as “Eggheads.”

The devotion of Eggheads goes beyond just owning the grill; it extends to purchasing the brand’s high-quality lump charcoal, which is essential for achieving the perfect grilling experience. As Townley notes, during the pandemic, “People were staying home, cooking their meals on the Egg and spending more time together as a family. That was the silver lining in this whole thing.”


Education and Expertise: The Key to Success

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The synergy between grills and spas isn’t just about products; it’s about fostering a lifestyle centered on relaxation, fun and outdoor enjoyment. Jon Chapman, CEO of Rich’s for the Home, attests to the increased demand for grills, ranked as the store’s fourth best-selling category.

Chapman emphasizes the importance of expertise in delivering the best to consumers. “Consumers want experts, loyalty and, above all, quality,” he says. The synergy between spas and grills rests on the shared ethos of enhancing outdoor experiences, making spa dealers well-positioned to guide customers in their grill journey.


Creating the Ultimate Backyard Oasis

As the lines between outdoor enjoyment blur, the addition of grills to spa showrooms creates a holistic backyard oasis. Sharla Wagy, VP of marketing for Memphis Grills, underscores the benefits of wood pellet grills, which have rapidly gained popularity due to their ease of use. 

Jerry Scott, SVP of sales for RH Peterson Co., highlights the growing trend of outdoor kitchens. Spa dealers are maximizing this trend by curating full outdoor kitchen setups, showcasing grills as part of a complete package. Scott suggests, “Placing a grill island that includes the grill, side cooker, drawers, doors and perhaps a sink and refrigerator helps the customer to imagine an outdoor kitchen in their backyard.”

In a world where quality and experiences matter, the fusion of spa relaxation and grill delights creates an unbeatable backyard experience. Spa dealers are embracing this trend by offering quality grills that align with their goals of enhancing outdoor living. 

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