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Buyer Questions for Hot Tub Dealers

Print this list to take with you

As you shop for your hot tub, don’t be afraid to ask dealers all of the questions in order to make the most informed decision on a hot tub that best fits your needs. In fact, we’re so enthusiastic about consumers being inquisitive during the purchase process, that we’ve compiled a list of suggested questions for you. Print this out and take it with you to the showroom so that you can take notes. Plus, asking them will let the dealer know you plan to be well informed and are serious about your hot tub purchase.

Features and Cost

How long have you been carrying this spa brand and why did you decide to carry it?

What features come with this model? What upgrades are available?

What safety features come with the spa?

How noisy is the spa when it runs full speed with the blower on?

Is the equipment UL and NSF approved?

What type of insulation does the spa have?

What does the cost of my spa include (Cover, stairs, chemicals, accessories, delivery and installation, etc.)?

How much will this spa add to my utility bills?

Installation and Warranty

Does my installation include delivery and setup?

Do you conduct an in-home site inspection for spa placement?

Do I need special plumbing for my hot tub?

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On what type of surface should my spa be placed?

What are the electrical requirements for my spa?

Are there municipal codes that require an alteration of my property?

What exclusions do you have in your warranty?

If I have a warranty problem, does the dealer or manufacturer service the spa?

Who is responsible for any damage to the access area in the house or the neighbor’s property during the spa’s installation?

After Care

What customer service do you offer after the sale?

Is the equipment easily accessible for service?

What chemicals should I use in the spa?

What can I expect during freezing and thawing conditions?

Is a spa maintenance/valet service offered by your business?

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