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  • Awards
  • Fitness Options
  • Jet System & Types
  • Safety & Installation
  • Shell & Cabinet
  • Size
  • Swim Spa Jets & Currents
  • Swim Spa Shell & Design
  • Technology
  • Water Care
    • Current Technology: Wave Propulsion
    • Athletic Features: SwimNumber System
    • Special Features: Bio-Magnetic Therapy
    • Water Care Technology: EcoPur® Charge
  • ThermoSpas Swim Spas

    • Current Technology: ThermoSprint Swim Nozzles
    • Athletic Features: Optional rowing attachments
    • Special Features: Stabilizing hip jets
    • Water Care Technology: Ozone & Mineral Purification
    • Current Technology: Whitewater-4™, Turbo, Buoyancy Jets
    • Athletic Features: Grab bar, tethers, rowing kit
    • Special Features: 12-point fountain with LED lights
    • Water Care Technology: ConstantClean, SmartClean
  • TruSwim by PDC Spas

    • Current Technology: Hydraulic, Dual Propulsion
    • Athletic Features: Exercise tread, resistance pulley
    • Special Features: USA Made, 35yr structural warranty
    • Water Care Technology: Ozone/UV-C, PowerFlo filtration
  • Aspen Swim Spas

    • Current Technology: Gecko, Custom Molded Products, Lucite
    • Athletic Features: HIIT, Swim Harness
    • Special Features: Extra-Large Swim Area, (2) 3 Step Entry
    • Water Care Technology: 100 Sq. Ft. Microban Filtration w/MicroCell Ozone
    • Current Technology: The Endless Pools Swim Machine is a hydraulically powered machine that produces a laminar current wider than your body and deeper than your stoke. The multiple conditioning grills smooth and redirect water, resulting in a turbulence free swim. Using the remote control or the Endless Pools Fit@Home® App, the current pace is variable between 3:43/100 yards and 1:08/100 yards - yet remains smooth even at full power.
    • Athletic Features: The underwater treadmill is a great addition for low-impact run or walk options, without harsh joint and muscle pressure. For a more challenging workout, turn on the swim current to increase resistance against core, leg, and upper body muscle groups. Using the remote control or the Endless Pools Fit@Home® App, the pace is variable between 0.5 to 5.5 MPH.
    • Special Features: Get an effective workout without strain on your muscles and joints with this lightweight, yet stable, stationary Aqua Bike. Weighing just 21 lbs., the Aqua Bike is ideal for low to medium-intensity workouts. Position the Aqua Bike in front of the swim current for a more challenging ride.
    • Water Care Technology: Endless Pools® Fitness Systems and SwimCross® Exercise Systems use a dual-water purification system that combines Ultraviolet C (UVC) with eco-friendly CD Ozone. RecSport® Recreation Systems uses eco-friendly CD Ozone.
    • Current Technology: VIP Technology
    • Athletic Features: Programmable Speed
    • Special Features: Bio-Magnetic Therapy
    • Water Care Technology: EcoPur Charge
  • Hydropool Swim Spas

    • Current Technology: Aqua Pro Vtwin Jet Technology
    • Athletic Features: Cross Training System
    • Special Features: HydroClear Pure Water System
    • Water Care Technology: Self Cleaning System
  • Swim Life Swim Spas

    • Current Technology: Wave Rider AquaCurrent Jet Technology
    • Athletic Features: Functional Training System
    • Special Features: Clear Blue Mineral System
    • Water Care Technology: Clear Stream Filtration System
    • Current Technology: Powerful, adjustable Swim Jets
    • Athletic Features: Exercise tread, tether, pulley
    • Special Features: USA Made, 35yr structural warranty
    • Water Care Technology: Ozone/UV-C and dual filtration
  • Garden Leisure Swim Spas

    • Current Technology: Programmable Swim Coach
    • Athletic Features: Rowing and Exercise Equipment
    • Special Features: Up to 3 illuminated river jets
    • Water Care Technology: Simple Clear UV/Ozone Sanitation
  • PowerPool

    • Current Technology: MAAX Force swim system
    • Athletic Features: Aqua Jogging, Aquatic Exercise Equipment
    • Special Features:
    • Water Care Technology: 4 Step Filtration System
  • Shoreline Swim Spas

    • Current Technology: Programmable Swim Coach
    • Athletic Features: Rowing and exercise equipment
    • Special Features: LED Lighting package, Bluetooth stereo and other optional upgrades
    • Water Care Technology: SimpleClear UV/Ozone Sanitation System
  • xStream

    $14,999- 34,999
    • Current Technology: xStreamForce Swim System
    • Athletic Features: Aquatic Exercise Equipment
    • Special Features:
    • Water Care Technology: Dual Filtration System
  • TidalFit

    • Current Technology: Variable Current Swim System
    • Athletic Features: Aquatic Training System
    • Special Features: Quality & Innovative Technology
    • Water Care Technology: Several Advanced Options
  • Cal Spas Swim Spas

    • Current Technology: Cal Spas Touch 2 Full Color Touch Screen Control with Auxiliary Control Panel
    • Athletic Features: Tether Bar Kit, Fitness Handle Bar, and Fitness Anchors.
    • Special Features: Hydro Streamers Plus, Cross Current Jets, Swim Jet System, Pro-Trainer™ Variable Speeds, Fountain of Youth™, Sound System, LED Lighting
    • Water Care Technology: Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter with TeleWeir Gate, Synergy or Hybrid Clear Water System Pure Clean™, Effective Water Management System, PureSilk™ Ozonator, CalPure™ Salt System
  • Sundance Spas

    • Water Maintenance: CLEARRAY® UV-C System
    • Proprietary Jets: Patented Fluidix® Jets
    • Special Features: Built-In SunCooler™
    • Sizes/Shapes: Intimate to family-sized
    • Cabinet Options: Sunstrong® and SunSide™ Cabinet
    • Shell Options: 10 Acrylic colors
    • Technology: SmartTub™ System
  • Bullfrog Spas

    • Water Maintenance: EOS Enhanced O3™ System
    • Proprietary Jets: JetPak Therapy System
    • Special Features: Proprietary water features, lighting, audio systems and more
    • Sizes/Shapes: Rectangle, Round, Square
    • Cabinet Options: Standard or Premium cabinet looks
    • Shell Options: 8 Acrylic Colors
    • Technology: Patented JetPak Therapy System, Touchscreen Controls, CloudControl 2 smart app
  • Dimension One Spas

    • Water Maintenance: UltraPure™ Plus, UV-C & Ozone
    • Proprietary Jets: Patented Adjustable Jets
    • Special Features: Massage Sequencer, Jetted Pillow
    • Sizes/Shapes: Unique Curvilinear Design
    • Cabinet Options: Excl. Terracina & Envirotect
    • Shell Options: Exclusive UltraLife™ & Acrylic
    • Technology: D1® SMARTHUB™ CONTROL
  • Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

    • Water Maintenance: CLEARRAY® UV-C System
    • Proprietary Jets: 12 types of PowerPro® Jets
    • Special Features: Aqualibrium®, perfect mix
    • Sizes/Shapes: Patio to party size
    • Cabinet Options: Curvalux™, ProEndure™ & ProFinish™
    • Shell Options: Acrylic in 10 color options
    • Technology: SmartTub™ System
  • La-Z-Boy Hot Tubs

    • Water Maintenance: Comfort Clean Filtration System
    • Proprietary Jets: Comfort Zone Massage Technology
    • Special Features: Comfort Zone Massage Technology
    • Sizes/Shapes: 9 Models 3 Person to 8 Person
    • Cabinet Options: 2 Everlast Cabinets
    • Shell Options: 8 Colors
    • Technology: AquaClear System
  • Marquis

    • Water Maintenance: ConstantClean+, SmartClean auto cleanup, ozone, in-line feeder
    • Proprietary Jets: HK40 H.O.T. Zones, interchangeable Jetpods, Whitewater-4
    • Special Features: MicroSilk beauty treatment
    • Sizes/Shapes: Round, triangle, curved, rectangle
    • Cabinet Options: Five colors, synthetic DuraWood
    • Shell Options: High-impact acrylic DuraShell
    • Technology: Touchscreen, specialized massage seats
  • Garden Leisure Hot Tubs

    • Water Maintenance: SimpleClear sanitation UV/Ozone combination unit comes standard on every model
    • Proprietary Jets: 8 Adjustable Styles
    • Special Features: Beautiful LED Lighting Package
    • Sizes/Shapes: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 person models
    • Cabinet Options: 3 looks available, you choose your style
    • Shell Options: 3 Stunning Color Options
    • Technology: Make it a “Smart Tub” with in.touch
  • PDC Spas

    • Water Maintenance: Ozone/UV-C, efficient filtration
    • Proprietary Jets: Adjustable, interchangeable
    • Special Features: USA Made, 35 year warranty
    • Sizes/Shapes: 60”-94” square/rectangular variety
    • Cabinet Options: Willow Brown or Smoke Gray
    • Shell Options: 7 High Gloss, Rich Acrylic colors
    • Technology: Touch control, UV-C/Ozone, LED
  • Hot Spring Spas

    • Water Maintenance:
    • Proprietary Jets:
    • Special Features:
    • Sizes/Shapes:
    • Cabinet Options:
    • Shell Options:
    • Technology:

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