At-Home Playground

Backyard playsets for added fun, exercise

There’s nothing quite like an at-home playground to help stimulate the imagination and interest of your children. As your children get a bit older, it becomes ideal to give them (and you) some freedom, sending them into the backyard to play rather than traipsing to a local park, especially during the pandemic when many parks remain closed and as some are nervous to go back to their local parks. That’s where a backyard playset becomes a favorite place for them to create lifelong memories together.

Children can begin the necessary process of socialization when playing with friends and family members on their backyard jungle gym. They will experience an increase in problem-solving abilities when determining whether to mount the tower of their new wonderland by climbing up the fireman’s pole, scaling the ladder, shimmying up the cargo net or taking the stairs. Plus, there are all the positive effects of exercise that will combine to help your children cultivate healthy bodies and healthy futures. Not to mention the freedom only a loosed imagination can provide.

There are limitless options for the creation and construction of these types of structures. Backyard play sets come in every shape and style nowadays, from customizable factory models to original designs by licensed contractors. Materials for equipment can range from plastic to metal, wood to recycled materials. For the surfacing, choose from sand, pebbles or even rubber mulch that won’t fade, wear out or mold and provides a soft, durable landing pad for little feet and knees.

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Accessories that can be added to the basic structure are virtually unending and include slides, ramps, monkey bars and swinging rings. Use traditional swings, baby swings, tire swings or all three. Expand the structure to include sandboxes, poles, ladders, tree houses, turrets and towers, stairs, crawling tubes, nets, rope bridges, pathways, clubhouses, zip lines and more. The possible combinations are seemingly endless.

Look to your children to decide what kind of playground would best suit them. Are they young and looking to grow into a jungle gym, or can they get few years use out of a structure that’s just their speed, right now? Do you want to spur your children into exercising? Are you hoping to see more of them and encourage them to spend more time with their friends at your house?

Once you know exactly what kind of playing space you want to give your children, and all the features that both you and they would like included, visit a local manufacturing company or invite a representative to check out your yard and the spacing you’ve allotted for it. Also, be sure to set a budget beforehand. With all the possibilities, you may want to add it all, so a cap will be a good guideline for keeping it fun, yet reasonable.

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